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He will be

March 4, 2010

I am sure that I’ll meet him some day and I will be lucky. The world’s most fortunate girl.

I do not know Who is he? where is he now? and what is he doing?
But I am sure that there is someone in the world that thinking to me now. I remember an interesting sentence from the Gabriel Garcia Marquez: In the world there  is someone who thinks to you before sleep and dreams about you.
You may be only one person in the world, but for some people you are whole of world. Perhaps God is prefer for you to know many poor people  and then you meet the appropriate person, thus when you found him, you can better grateful.

I am sure that one day he will be my side. اhe overcome my loneliness. I will be happy someday…


Intelligent people ‘less likely to believe in God’

June 14, 2008

People with higher IQs are less likely to believe in God, according to a new study.

Professor Richard Lynn, emeritus professor of psychology at Ulster University, said many more members of the “intellectual elite” considered themselves atheists than the national average.

A decline in religious observance over the last century was directly linked to a rise in average intelligence, he claimed.

But the conclusions – in a paper for the academic journal Intelligence – have been branded “simplistic” by critics.

Professor Lynn, who has provoked controversy in the past with research linking intelligence to race and sex, said university academics were less likely to believe in God than almost anyone else.

A survey of Royal Society fellows found that only 3.3 per cent believed in God – at a time when 68.5 per cent of the general UK population described themselves as believers.

A separate poll in the 90s found only seven per cent of members of the American National Academy of Sciences believed in God.

Professor Lynn said most primary school children believed in God, but as they entered adolescence – and their intelligence increased – many started to have doubts.

He told Times Higher Education magazine: “Why should fewer academics believe in God than the general population? I believe it is simply a matter of the IQ. Academics have higher IQs than the general population. Several Gallup poll studies of the general population have shown that those with higher IQs tend not to believe in God.”

He said religious belief had declined across 137 developed nations in the 20th century at the same time as people became more intelligent.

But Professor Gordon Lynch, director of the Centre for Religion and Contemporary Society at Birkbeck College, London, said it failed to take account of a complex range of social, economic and historical factors.

“Linking religious belief and intelligence in this way could reflect a dangerous trend, developing a simplistic characterisation of religion as primitive, which – while we are trying to deal with very complex issues of religious and cultural pluralism – is perhaps not the most helpful response,” he said.

Dr Alistair McFadyen, senior lecturer in Christian theology at Leeds University, said the conclusion had “a slight tinge of Western cultural imperialism as well as an anti-religious sentiment”.

Dr David Hardman, principal lecturer in learning development at London Metropolitan University, said: “It is very difficult to conduct true experiments that would explicate a causal relationship between IQ and religious belief. Nonetheless, there is evidence from other domains that higher levels of intelligence are associated with a greater ability – or perhaps willingness – to question and overturn strongly felt institutions.”

Have your say: Is faith linked to intelligence?????????????????

An Iterview With God

March 13, 2008

I dreamed that I had an iterview with God

“So you would  like to iterview me?” God asked.
“If you have the time”. I said.
God smiled
“My time is eternity.”
“What questions do you have in mind for me?”
“Whay surprises you most aboat human kind?”
God answered…
“That they get boared with childhood, they rush to grow up and then long to be children again.”
“That they lose their health to get money, and they lose their money to restore their health.”
“That by thinking anxiously aboat the future, they forget the present, such that they live in neather present nor future.”
“That they live as if they never die, and die if they had never lived.”

God’s hand took mine and we where silent for a while.
And then I asked…
“As the creator of people, what are some of life’s lessons you want them to learn?”
God replied with a smile…
“To learn they cannot make anyone love them. what they con do is let themselves be loved.”
“To learn thet it is not good to compare hemselves to others.”
“To learn that a rich person is not onewho has the most, but is one who needs the least.”
“To learn that it takes only a few seconds to open  profound wounds in person we love, and it takes many years to heal them.”
“To learn to forgive by practicing forgiveness.”
“To learn that there are persons who love them dearly, but simply do noy know how to express or show their feelings.”
“To learn that two people can look at the same thingand see it differenfly.”
“To learn that it is not always enough that they be fogiven by others, they must forgive themselves.”
“And to learn that I am here

Reata strickland

People in our lives

January 21, 2008

Many times of these days I think about this subject: Why God puts some people in our lives? Sometimes their life spans (in our life) are short, but they have the long-lived and great effect in our life. Of course I talk about the negative/bad impacts.

We know the God loves human beings. He said in Qur’an*: the human beings are the Excellency of creatures. So, why he puts some people in our lives, they deposit many negative impacts in our lives and made us annoyed for a long time?! Is it a paradox in God’s kindness?!

I think NO. Let me talk about some of God’s interests.One of the major interests of God is: the people always connecting him, and talk him about their requests and wishes.  He doesn’t like one of his created beings forget him and relies on others.

Let us to honest with ourselves. When you remember the God and asked him your desires? If you judging fairly, the answers are like: when I’m sad or when I was in bad situation or when I missed a valuable thing or person (maybe he/she has been died or to left you alone…)

I believe that when we forget the God, the bad event occurs, because he doesn’t like the creatures forget him and he wants to remember this fact to us, because he loves us. I think this is the first goal of God to putting us in bad conditions. Also I think the bad events are examinations of our patience. How much we have tolerances in bad situations and how we encountering them? Are we ungratefulness or ingratitude toward God?

And the second aim? I think the second goal of God is: improvement and expanding our experiments about our personality and relationships. Am I right? I think acquainted with everybody – and in general, every relation – will be welfare our knowledge base about mankind and their spiritual matters.

You know when somebody injury you (either material or spiritual), s/he also teach you a lesson. If you are clever, the next times you act prudently and don’t allow anybody to harm you in the same way.

I think life is full of these types of lessons and experiences. And you should apply them in similar circumstances to be succeed. When we are sad, we can’t decide logically and we can’t distinguish which is better for us. For example in these bad situations you can ask yourself: the bad situation in this time is better or bad consequences of this transient happiness that made a terrible life for me in future? And then you can make a trade off between the answers.

Remember, with all of awful events, your life is flowing till now…Are you remembering sometimes in past you decided to killing yourself because of critical pressures? But you are still alive and can breathe the life…Therefore, I think, we should thanks God for all of our belongings and non belongings. 

* Qur’an: Qur’an is the Moslems holy book (like gospel of matter for Christians)