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November 11, 2009

The walking doesn’t benefit in days; sounds and light and bustle are disturbing for dreaming, you should wait until the night.

Some times the light isn’t a good thing. You can see everything. And all of mankind can see everything that you seen. You can dream in the dark that someone, somewhere, something are waiting for you. But you can’t see this dream in lighting … It is clear that these is no news in lighting…

A dialuge in a Persian movie: White Nights by Farzad Mo’tamen

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November 11, 2009

Roya : why you are alone? Did you never think that can not be alone?
Professor: If you didn’t wait for someone, would you take that car, to overcome your loneliness?

Roya: no! probably I looked for someone who is like myself.
Professor: I did not. Because I don’t like myself.

Roya: you are odd.
Professor: you too.

A dialuge in a Persian movie: White Nights by Farzad Mo’tamen

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November 11, 2009

I am happy; just as happy as a sad man. A man who have a happy news, but don’t have someone to share the  news with her.

A dialuge in a Persian movie: White Nights by Farzad Mo’tamen

a trap for traitor

November 2, 2009

A man called home to his wife and said, “Honey I have been asked to go fishing up in Canada with my boss & several of his Friends.

We’ll be gone for a week. This is a good opportunity for me to get that Promotion I’ve been wanting, so could you please pack enough Clothes for a week and set out

my rod and fishing box, we’re Leaving From the office & I will swing by the house to pick my things up” “Oh! Please pack my new blue silk pajamas.”

The wife thinks this sounds a bit fishy but being the good wife she is, did exactly what her husband asked.

The following Weekend he came home a little tired but otherwise looking good.

The wife welcomed him home and asked if he caught many fish?

He said, “Yes! Lots of Salmon, some Bluegill, and a few Swordfish. But why didn’t you pack my new blue silk pajamas like I asked you to Do?”

You’ll love the answer…

The wife replied, “I did. They’re in your fishing box…..”

Doubled loneliness

November 1, 2009

When a person loves someone, is more alone. Cause he can’t tell anybody about his feelings except loved. And if the person, who he loves, invites him to silence, his has the end of loneliness.

From Abbas Maroufi- Symphony of Dead Book

There was no Flower in pot

October 31, 2009

250 years BC in ancient China a Prince decided to get married. He consult with his Wise staff  and decided to invite all  of young girls in his zone to choose deserve one .

When the old palace servant, heard the story become very sad because her daughter was secretly in love with Prince. Her daughter told mom: she will join to Prince party. Mother said: You haven’t any chance to be elected, you are not rich and not very nice.

Daughter answered: I know he never chose me, but at least it is an opportunity for me to see him closely.

Promised day came and the  Prince told girls: I give to each of you a seed, a girl who brings me the most beautiful flowers within 6 months, is the future queen of China.

The old woman’s daughter also obtained a seed and inseminate it into a pot.

Three months passed and No flower was grown. The girl talked with many gardeners and learned many Floriculture methods, but no one of them was effective. No flower was grown…
Meeting day came,  The girl attended with her empty pot. And other girls had very beautiful flowers of different colors and forms in their pots.

Promised moment came.The Prince reviewed each pots carefully and Finally announced that servant’s daughter will be his future wife.

All protested that the Prince has chosen someone who haven’t any flower in her pot! Prince explained: This girl is only one that breeding a flower which deserves her to become emperor’s wife: Honesty …

All seeds that you gave were infertile, there was no possibility that they become flowers.

From Paulo Coelho book

Hafiz, The Great Iranian poet

October 27, 2009
If you remember, previously I  had written a post about Iranian celebrities . I was informed that one of Iranian great poets is Hafez.

Hafiz tomb in Shiraz
Here is a poem of Hafez that has been translated into English:
If a thousand enemies are intent on my demise
With you as my friend, fear won’t arise.
I’m alive with the hope of union with thee
Every moment I fear death, otherwise.
Breath by breath, your scented breeze I must inhale
Moment by moment, from sorrows exhale my cries.
Only dreaming of you, go to sleep my two eyes
Patiently longing for thee, my heart to itself lies.
Don’t pull away your rein when you cut me with your sword
My head is my shield, while my hand your saddle-strap ties.
Where can we see your face just as you are, true and pure?
Each based on his own grasp can realize.
Indigent Hafiz is the apple of people’s eyes
At your door, prostrated, your vision espies.

The Mind Walls

January 14, 2008

One day a scientist did an attractive examination. he made a glassy aquarium and divided it into 2 parts with a glassy wall. He put a big fish in the first part and a small fish in second part which the small fish was the favorite food of big fish.

The small fish was the only food of big fish and the scientist didn’t feed any foods to big fish. The big fish, attacked to small fish many times! but he clashed to invisible wall repeatedly. the glassy wall, separated him for his favorite food!

Finally, the big fish changed his mind for attacks to the small fish. he believed going to another part of aquarium and eating the small fish is impossible! 

And then, the scientist removed the glassy wall and opened the big fish’s was! But the big fish, didn’t attack to the small fish anyway. he never put his steps to another part of aquarium you know why?!Although, the glassy wall didn’t exist next times, but the big fish made a glassy wall in his mind. A Mind Wall which breaking it is more difficult from breaking any real walls.  The big fish, believed his mind wall.  A belief to constraint, a belief to existence of a wall, a belief  to his weakness!If we research in our beliefs nicely, we could find many glassy walls, which many of them aren’t the results of our experiments and observations. Also many of these glassy walls aren’t in real world and they are just in our minds!

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God is in Everywhere

December 31, 2007

A student sits down in philosophy class. The subject of class was about the God. The professor asked: is there anyone that heard the God’s voice?! Nobody replied. The professor asked again: is there anybody that touched the God?! Nobody replied again. The professor asked third: is there anyone that seen the God?! Nobody replied for third!

And then the professor said decisively: we concluded that there isn’t any God in the world!

The student didn’t agree with professor’s reasoning at all. He stands up and said: can I talk? Yeah, the professor said. The student asked his classmates: is here anybody that heard the professor’s brain voice?! Nobody replied. The student asked again: is here anybody that touched the professor’s brain?! Nobody replied again. He asked third: is here anybody that seen the professor’s brain?! Nobody replied third.

And then the student concluded that: the professor haven’t any brain :- )

An Idle Angel

December 27, 2007

once a day a man dreamed a wonderful dream.
he saw he was near the angles and looked their works.
he saw a big set of angles woking hard, the angels opened the letters received from the messengers of the earth quickly and put them into the box. the man asked an angel: what you doing?! the angelsaid (while opening a letter): here is the receive unit and we deliverying the peoples prayers and requests from god!
the man went ahead. again he saw a set of angels that put the papers into the packets and send them to the messengers of the ground back!
man asked: what you doing?! one of angels replied guickly: here is send unit. we send the God’s kindness and graces to the slaves into the earth.
the man went ahead and saw an idle angel! he asked her surprisely: you are idle, why?
the angelreplied: the people who granted their prayers, should send their answers but only a few people answered. man asked the angel: how people can send their answers?
the angelreplied:
It’s so simple. it’s only enough that they say: Thanks God….

Blood Injection

December 23, 2007

I found this nice story in a Persian weblog called: A Grey Mind, the name of story is Blood Injection:

«Many years ago I worked in a hospital voluntarily. That time a girl had a strange illness. The only chance for her living was transition of the blood from one of her families to her. She had only a brother, and he had 5 years old. Physician talked to her brother. little boy asked: If I do it, is my sister remain alive? doctor said: Yeah, and little boy accepted it.

We confined him to bed beside her sister’s bed, and then connected the injection pipes to his body. the little boy looked at her sister and smiled. while the blood going out from his body asked doctor: Am I’ll go to the Heaven?!

The little boy thought that they must conduct all of his blood out of his body 🙂 »

just two days remain to end of world

December 18, 2007

I read bellow text in Persian and loved it, and then tyied to translated it: 

She found that she hadn’t any life and there isn’t any more life for her, all of her calendar days was full and just 2 days, 2 days remain empty.

She went near the god afflicted and angrily, perhaps to take more days from god.  she shouted and cursed, god was quiet. she screamed and brawled, god was quiet. she bothered for angles and other human beings, god was quiet. she ingratitude and hurled her prayer carpet, god was quiet. she offended and cried. god broke his silence and told her: My dear, another day passed too, and entirely you did brawl and cuss! you lose today too. just one day remains. come to have better life this one day at minimum.

Among the tears she said: with one day?! what I can do with one day?! god said: everybody who perceived the enjoy of being alive in one day in her life, to suppose that she could live thousands years, and whom don’t perceive today, aren’t useful the thousands years for her. and then god puts the quota of one day’s life in her hands, and said: go to life.

She looked to the shine of life in her hands amazingly. but to be afraid to move, to be afraid to start, she feared that life to shed among her fingers… she stopped a little, and told herself: when I have no tomorrow, what is the advantage of holding this one day?!  let me to consume this fist of life. then she started running… sprinkled the life in her face, drank the life, smelled the life, and became such happy that she could go to the end of world. she could fly. she didn’t construct any skyscraper, she didn’t occupant the ground, and didn’t take a rank. but she touched skin of a tree, slept on grass, watched a ladybug, saw the clouds, and said “hello” to all people, and prayed to all individuals that didn’t like her. she made peace, laugh, and became restful. she enjoyed, donated and loved. she just lived in one day and angles wrote this day in god’s calendar.

Today she has been died. someone that live thousands years…