About Me

Who Am I?
My Name is Zahra and my surname in brief is HB. my age is secret;) I’m an Iranian girl born in north part of Iran (a province called Guilan, Lahijan City).

I’m single and live with my good and pretty Parents. I’ve been graduated From University of Tehran Faculty of Engineering (2006). Now I’m a computer engineer major in Software Engineering.

I work in some center [this is secret too like my Age :)]. My job title is Researcher. So it must be clear that I live in Tehran. I think the Information is enough 😀



  1. 1

    the misterious gurl.. =) hehe but too much of secrecy.. is it good? .. any ways good luck with blogging… cheers tc

  2. 2
    sunshineforlife Says:

    hi zhara, thanks for dropping at my wordpress blog. thanks for that visit and for linking me up, too. i know i should addu up so that i can easily hop to yours anytime in the soon future.

    hope we can be blogger friends. 🙂

  3. 3
    David Gross Says:

    Hey, this is Gtarman. I love your blog. You are doing some great things.
    I’m so glad that God has crossed our paths. Keep writing sister. You are an inspiration. God bless.

  4. 4
    Anu Says:

    Hi, I loved reading your blog..and found your latest one, about posting blogs in advance, very useful……

  5. 5
    Shahrzad Says:

    Zahra-HB here.. I didnt know you have an english blog too. I came here from Johnnypeeper’s blog. Your english is good.. Mashallah..
    OK northern girl.. Glad to see more Iranians around.. 🙂

  6. 6


    Thank you for your comments on my blog.

    Excellent blog, your english is great for a girl whose spent her entire life in Iran. Good on you.

    looking forward to your posts 😀


  7. 7

    Interesting blog, i will visit again 🙂
    Thank u for your visit to my blog too 🙂

  8. 8
    Sanix Says:

    Just passing by n leaving my footprints ..

  9. 9
    shahzad Says:

    Nice Blog……..shows the nice personality(though You also tried to keep it secret;))…….
    Best Wishes for you…
    Please send me some information about Iran, especially the education sector in Iran.
    I am really impressed by the Iranian nation…May Allah bless your nation.

  10. 10
    G Achin Says:

    So glad that Serendipity linked me in, I look forward to the enrichment of all you have to share through these pages! May there be many in the US who find their way here and discover through your offerings that the human race is alive and well in Iran. The more who can come to know this, the better for us all! May the Will of All Good bring All Good Through You! MashAllah.

  11. 11
    1sthomebase Says:

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. Good luck in your blog.


  12. 12
    navidkam Says:

    Hi Zahra
    Please read my blog :
    I write about Modern Slavery
    I need your comments
    Thank you

  13. 13

    I waz very happy when i saw your photo .
    I was Born in the North of Iran (Lahejan)
    Good Luck

  14. 14
    تنها ترین Says:

    WOW , Zahra jan, I didn’t know you have an English log too! Good luck dear one.

  15. salam. I’m zuhriyyah hidayati. nice to visit ur site. I’m Indonesian. i study in ICAS which lead by Syeh Mohsen Thabatabei from Iran. may I be your friend?

  16. 16

    I thank you for visiting my blog. I look forward to reading much in yours about you, your country and your beliefs. It is through the sharing of information about our lives that we can better understand each other and eventually make the world a better place. It is nice to hear from you.

  17. 17
    forumsaidjah Says:

    ::Salam for Zahra::
    fire with water

  18. 18
    sobhan Says:

    hi zahra. your blog is nice. be happy and if you want see my blog and comment

  19. 19
    sobhan Says:

    hi zahra. your blog is nice. be happy and if you want see my blog and comment…

  20. 20
    Anonymous Says:

    Hi Zahra, I like your Blog and found out a few things about myself which were true. Keep up the good work.

  21. 21
    Anonymous Says:

    I like your name!!!!!!!???? And I like so much your meaning of colors and birthdays

  22. 23
    simplice kamdem from cameroon Says:

    I need to know something must important GOD is the power behind all do you believe?I hope that you do.if you believe in GOD please believe firstly in JESUS CHRIST because bible says that JESUS CHRIST is a path of life and truth. And anyone who believe in GOD and not believe in JÉSUS IS a liar. It’s better to you to believe because it’s a only path to secure tour life.
    MISS SABUR be bless in JÉSUS name
    I love you and I encourage you
    don’t mind mu english I al french man
    Please answer me

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