Maryam Eslami, from Iran

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) presented two awards at the Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions on April 4, 2008, as part of the Organization’s commitment to promoting recognition of inventors worldwide. The award winners were:    
  • Mrs. Maryam Eslami, from Iran, who won the WIPO Award for best invention by a woman for a medical instrument to be used in bone surgery and the treatment of various bone-related ailments.
  • Mr. Wan Tarmeze, from Malaysia, who won the WIPO Award for best invention by a national from a developing country for engineered wood made from the waste biomass of oil palm plantations, so relieving the burden on natural forests as a source of timber.  Mr. Tarmeze’s invention – POPS™ Lumber – was among the many notable innovations at this year’s exhibition which were inspired by environmental and climate change challenges. 
The winners were selected by an international jury of experts designated by the organizers of the Exhibition. This is the twenty-seventh year in which WIPO has presented awards at the Geneva event, which provides an opportunity for inventors and researchers from all over the world to showcase their inventions and to attract business partners for joint ventures or licensing agreements.
WIPO awards highlight the key role of innovation in driving progress and in improving quality of life by paying tribute to inventors and acknowledging their work.  WIPO works with its member states, to ensure that the international patent system rewards inventors for their successful inventions, and for their ingenuity, effort and investment.
The WIPO awards program, and similar schemes that celebrate the achievements of inventors, help to foster a culture in which innovation is encouraged, not only in research laboratories, but in the work place, in class-rooms and in the home. 
Since the launch of the WIPO awards program in 1979, over 1,000 medals have been awarded to inventors, including young inventors, from more than 100 countries. 


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    abufazl Says:

    Very nice invention, I wish you the best of luck

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    abufazl Says:

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