An Iranian Girl 19 Years Old Professor

WASHINGTON, April 26: Alia Sabur, a 19-year old Iranian , has been declared the world’s youngest professor in history by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Alia broke the 1717 record set by a student of physicist Isaac Newton, Colin Maclaurin.

She has been setting records and making history throughout her young career; starting with reading at 8 months. Her IQ was determined off the charts.

She went from 4th grade to college, earning a BS in Applied Mathematics summa cum laude from Stony Brook University, New York at age 14, the youngest female in American history.

She then earned an MS and PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from Drexel University, Philadelphia.

Alia is the youngest ever to receive fellowships and awards from the US Department of Defence, Nasa and the US National Science Foundation.

She was 18 when she was hired as a professor in the Department of Advanced Technology Fusion at Konkuk University in Seoul, Korea.

“It’s really a great honour to be in the company of such great scientists,” Alia said.

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  1. The question is can she teach with a burqua on?

    • 2
      Shayan Says:

      Only a low life or a red neck would post such a comment.

    • 3
      Impeachobamma Says:

      “Tehran – The Iranian-American child prodigy Alia Sabur said that she was not Iranian and did not have Iranian roots, ISNA news agency reported Monday. “I am not an Iranian and have no Iranian roots. The nationality of my parents are my private business and have no need to be exposed,” ISNA news agency quoted Sabur as saying.

      “I was born in New York and consider myself as a scientist belonging to the whole world,” ISNA quoted her further as saying.

      Last February, Sabur was registered by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s youngest professor, after she was appointed professor of mathematics in Seoul’s Konkuk University at 19.
      Copyright DPA

      She belongs to the “whole world”

      • 4
        Impeachobamma Says:

        Her father is from Pakistan and her mother is an
        American. The Wikipedia entry is wrong.

    • 5
      Piyush Gupta Says:

      The question is whether idiots should be allowed to ask stupid questions?

    • 6
      james Says:

      stupid people like you without knowledge and information about diff countries ,its not so surprise asking such stupid question.

    • 7
      Anonymous Says:

      when you don’t even know the different between and Iranian and an Arab, you better shut your mouth 🙂

  2. 8
    Lady Says:

    A better question would be are older professors going to take her seriously? Are her students even going to respect her, since some of them will be years her senior?

  3. The age is not matter,even being a girl; what is important is the knowledge and the atitude of this professor.
    Avicenna ,was 16 when he become prof in 12 field of science.

  4. 10

    She is a one smart cookie, she is the one we need for the future.

  5. 11
    Ali Says:

    There is nothing about her being Iranian in her official website ( or she had mentioned this anywhere.

  6. 12
    zahra Says:

    to ali:
    please read the related links…

    to lady:
    you think respcting a student to his/her teacher is related to his/her age?!
    and you 2th question:
    older professors going to take her seriously?
    is it important?!
    if yes why not?! she had the same degree in equal with the old professors!

  7. 13
    AR Says:

    The answer is probably yes if she had do.
    Can you work in your KKK robe ?

  8. 14
    Paolo Says:

    To mylesfromnowhere

    Envy is a great sin – lacking IQ? Anyway, it is better to teach in Burqa, than in cowboy outfit!

  9. 15

    It is funny how you imediately read racism into that… you might want to look into that.

  10. 16

    Art Gallery.

  11. 17
    Sher Va Honar Says:

    Many Iranians sending e-mails to each other about her and are proud to knowing the youngest professor is an Iranian girl. As an Iranian, I am so proud of her too as well. But I’m a little curious to know why isn’t she ever mention that?

  12. 18
    c a reddi Says:

    sirc v raman,nl, must have infuenced her immensely .she is a precocious prodigyand the einstein in the making.

  13. 19
    soheila Says:

    i love you so much .with the best wishes for you .

  14. 20
    Aamir Says:

    So what, pakistan will break this record soon.

  15. 21
    Mansur Dhanani Says:

    She must be one bright kid. This is fantastic and she should be encouraged. Pray that God keeps her under His protection.

  16. 22
    kaz mansoor Says:

    I very honord that is an iranian.Am very happy for her and her parents.I wish healt and happiness for.

  17. 23
    fateme Says:

    I m really proud of this iranian girl.

  18. 24
    Ng Adim Says:

    This is very strange and unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable. Gosh!

  19. 25
    Shahrzad Says:

    Interesting that Alia said that she is not Iranian-arab etc. She said her nationality is American, but generally she belongs to all nations.(or something like) I like her way of thinking. 🙂

  20. 26
    motunrayo-oluwa Says:

    yeah she is going to be a world changer and she is already a role model i really admire her

  21. 27
    hjp Says:

    4th grade to college?

    WTF? Post SAT scores too.. oh wait~ she’s a prodigy so her score is perfect

    Also, just because she’s been through college and graduate school doesn’t mean she knows everything. In fact, she should compete with savants of different groups 🙂

  22. 28
    admirer Says:

    First we should say that this girl out of the box, I am sure her IQ is high, although I am not confident that IQ scale is something reliable to give measurment for human intelligent.
    The clue to understand how did she accomplished this degrees so early in ageis to know how she was raised. There are lots of people force calculas on thier kids in early age but this do not yield good results; I think we need to hear from her parents for better understanding.
    finally she is hard worker, smart and for sure gourgeose.

  23. 29
    Another iranian Says:

    The first woman in space an Iranian the youngest professor an iranian the first united nations persian empire the first post system Iranian the list goes on We have to do everything first its in our nature

  24. 30
    محمدی Says:

    خانم اسلامی هر چقدر می توانی در مورد مسائلی که تو نزد مهربانترین مهربانان خدای تنهایی هایت تو را عزیز خواهد کرد فکر کن. موفق باشی خبرنگار مجله سلام بچه ها

  25. 31
    pedram Says:

    baba ey val
    kheili khoshhal shodam

  26. 32
    trueboy Says:

    It Makes me Happy to see a new record in history of knowledge! but it’s not wisely for us (Iranian) to proud of a girl that I really dont know whether she can speak in persian, or know herself as a Iranian!!!

  27. 33
    mnme Says:

    First excuse my English.

    The last comment at the bottom of that page says:

    “His father is from Pakistan and her mother is an American.
    […] I got the info from her PhD advisor from drexel University.”

    But do you have any idea if she consider herself a believer of some kind ? She says her abilities are a gift from God. I think she could be a Muslim.

    btw, I am not a Muslim.
    chances are she is. and an extreme smart – and nice – person, too.

    thank you for future answers.

  28. 34
    hasti Says:

    dear proffessor
    thank you for your attempt, we all proud of you.

  29. 35
    ehson Says:

    dear professor Alia

    You are the best sign of human ability to know self .

    The earth proud of you to LIVE ON IT ,

    With the best wishes.

  30. 36
    azin Says:


  31. 37
    azin Says:

    dear professor alia you are the best

  32. 38
    morvaride_siah Says:

    Dear Professor Alia,

    Hi,hope you will be fine.Your are the best symbol of iranian smart people and top grade of them.I proud of you.Meanwhile your family is as the same as my boss`s family in iran.

    With the best wishes

    Kind Regards,
    morvaride siah

  33. 39
    parisa Says:

    thats my pleasure to know you..iranian are superior;i do bleave it as well.
    i proud of iran and thoes homtowns who keep greating this awsume land….
    wish u good luck ;now &ever

  34. 40
    udit Says:

    oh good ever she is iranian;but sure she wouldnt be at her rightplace ;if she would growup in iran..then for sure she would be locked behind univercities entrance other iranians youth who are as talent as her ..
    so thanx god she get such a good luck in her life%we can proud of her

  35. 41
    Ali Says:

    Maybe she is Iranian, But the question is that If she was in Iran she could managed to reach this success??????

  36. 42
    Sina Says:

    درود به شرفت
    به ایرانی بودنم افتخار میکنم ایرانی یعنی این

  37. 43
    yaser Says:

    besyar kob

  38. 44
    Mahboube Says:

    یک نابغه محدود به مرز نیست، همه جا وجودش می درخشد

  39. 45
    zahra Says:

    eftekhar mionam be to

  40. 46
    zahra Says:

    eftekhar mikonam be to

  41. 47
    Ahmad moghaddam Says:

    Hi Dear
    you are the world honour , and I proud you such as a good human,
    but your nationality not IRAN, the world is own of you. and you are the own of world, it dose not important what people think.

  42. 48
    esmaeil bahmani Says:

    I hope ,that I see you in IRAN
    whit best wishes for you.

  43. 49
    Behzad Says:

    i’m an iranian
    and i am very very very happy that Alia is an iranian girl….

  44. 50
    nadeem Says:

    i am realy proud of u …bcoz u r muslim…and u r symbol all over world…

  45. 51
    Mahdi Says:


    vaghean khoshal konandas, omidvaram moafagh bashi.

  46. 52
    zakeeyeh alizadeh Says:


    mekhaham roozi choon shoma bedarakhsham

    be nazare shoma metavanam?

  47. 53
    Reza Says:

    to those who insist she is Iranina girl:
    – she has annonced loud and clear – she is not. baba pls stop attaching or detaching her to one specific gegraphical point, change the grear baba and let her be just Alia !!
    for some reason she does not like to talk about her origin and her father’s natonality. thats fine and we all shld respect her privacy. its considered FOOZOOLI to dig on this subject —and thats no good at all.
    we all shld be proud to hv such a prodigy kid around as she belongs to the whole world. she is a game changer and soon wl be a world changer. if u read her resaerch work on nontechnology u wl hope soon or late she wl come up with an answer to one of the mystries of our time like cancer – ms – autoimmune secrets etc etc.
    lets all stop fozooli in her private life and celebrate her success and wish her the highest scientific achievment for the walefare of human being.

  48. 54
    hania Says:

    Hi my dear.I hope you be succesfull in all the time and will progress

  49. 55

    قبلن یه چیزهایی در مورد خانم آلیا شنیده بودم!
    مایه افتخاره!
    اما اگه در ایران بود مایه ابتذال!

  50. 56
    Anonymous Says:


  51. 57
    RAGHEB Says:

    one of the comments was meant that a genius person is not limitted in borders but as a such a person i don’t think so , if i was not born in iran or let me say living by force in iran , i could published my poems and novels which in quantity are more than my age.

    oh dear,
    i whish i was not hear,
    i whish i could leave hear,
    i whish i cuold tell dear ,
    why i can not leave hear,
    since;my wings are broken
    my heart is broken
    my eyes are full tears
    let me , let me , leave dears

    ای تپش های تن سوزان من
    سایه ای بر سایه ی پنهان من
    قطره اشکی بر سیه مژگان من
    نور مهری در شب تاریک من
    شوق عشقت ریخته در جان من
    جام وصلت سر کشیدن کار من
    ای تو مروارید و در بحر من
    در غمت افتاده ام از پای من
    ای تو نور چشم راغب بازگرد
    تا شود دنیا و بختش آن من
    چشم بگشا تا ببینی سوز من
    تا که شاید دربیابی حال من

  52. 58
    HUlrike Says:

    I am proud . Best wishes to your future , and by the way for your father and mother

  53. 59
    sahar Says:

    She is not iranian, i would like her to be but she is not…
    anyway i’m proud of her as a human without careing what her nationality is
    congratulations for this huge success Dear Mrs.Sabur

  54. 60
    maria Says:

    please tell me realy she is a iranian girl or no?because i want to give a search about her help me

  55. 61
    Nina Says:

    thanks to her i sincerely have gave the strength ,ability and indeed the will the achieve my dream .im proud to be a woman , but mostly worth of sometime in this world .

  56. 62
    ramin Says:

    این که کسی نابغه باشه افتخاری نیست
    اینکه چگونه با هر مقدار توانایی و تلاش همیشگی موفق شود باعث افتخار است

  57. 63
    محمد Says:

    شما باعث افتخاريد اميدوارم هميشه موفق باشيد

  58. 64
    gassal Says:

    age in khanom avalesh kheng budan va tu iran ta’lim dide budan mishod eftekhar kard!..

  59. 65
    haide Says:

    I dont care she is Iranian or Pakistanian or what, just I wonder a geniuse one like her why has to behave this much foolish to hide her heritage??
    It’s sooooo funny. I think the only reason is that she isn’t prematured socially as she is in math.

  60. 66
    Anonymous Says:

    so powerful

  61. So powerful

  62. 68
    Anonymous Says:

    i doubt if she’s human…come on guys 8 months..really?She’s like Kyle XY in the flesh…i think she’s super human…Mozart playing, black-belt she’s off the charts.

  63. 69
    Anonymous Says:

    No matter where she is from, I have a great respect for some one like her. I am a physician, and teach in university. I am also considered a scientist, but, she is an impressive one. She is a pride of any country, even the world.

  64. 70
    Anonymous Says:

    All of you guys are wrong, she is from Afghanisatan

  65. 71
    Isma'il o. Shuaibu Says:

    Am really inpress, it’s gave me scenes of reponsibility am old to beet the recod but not old to rusuming my purpose. Godbless you.

  66. 72
    Anonymous Says:

    Alia my dear, I admire your IQ! It is a special gift from God. To Him alone be all Glory. amen
    Mrs. Franca Ebuetse. Nigeria

  67. 73
    Anonymous Says:

    Her mom’s accent is neither Iranian, nor Afghani or Pakistani….why does she keep her origin a secret?

  68. 74
    simplice kamdem from cameroon Says:

    It’s so wonderfull,I am greatfull

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