Did You Know Iran?

As an Iranian girl, one of things make me sad is that the people of other nations haven’t good viewpoint about my country Iran. When I chat with them, many people ridicule Iranian because they didn’t become familiar with Iran and our great and peaceful culture and history because of political issues!

Iran is a great country with a deeply culture. We have many scientists, inventers, historians and famous poets like Kharazmi, Abo Ali Sina (Ebn Sina), Moulavi, Hafiz, Saadi, Roodaki, Zakaria Raazi, Attar Neishabouri, Khayyam, Ferdowsi, Jaber ebn Hayyan, Dr Hesabi, Parvin Etesami, and Forough Farrokhzad (these 2 last mentioned are females), and so on (list of iranian scientists and scholars). They were celebrated man of their age. Also many of them have international celebrity till now! The area of Iran is above 1 million kilometers. Iran’s population is about 70 millions. Iran has Caspian Sea in the north and Uremia Lake inside it (in the Azerbaijan province). The Persian Gulf and Hormoz Sea are located in south of Iran. Also Iran has so many resources of natural gas (second rank in world after Russia) and oil and other mineral reserves. The most famous neighbors of Iran are:  Russia, Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia.

You can find more about iran in wikipedia.

In our childish books (in elementary and secondary school) we learned that we must respect to other countries and peoples and their cultures. Seemingly this is not in vogue in other countries especially in modern and developed countries! They always despise people in developing or under developing countries. They usually think these countries are petrified and backward nations!

I’m interested in to know what you learn about other countries in your geographical and historical books, especially about Iran? Please let me know… 

I hate racism. I think everybody should love his/her country and also respect to other nations and shouldn’t belittling their nationalities and mores.  

Related note: I found this nice poem, This poem was nominated poem of 2005. Written by an African kid, amazing thought :

“When I born, I Black, When I grow up, I Black,
When I go in Sun, I Black, When I scared, I Black,
When I sick, I Black, And when I die, I still black…
And you White fellow,
When you born, you pink, When you grow up, you White,
When you go in Sun, you Red, When you cold, you blue,
When you scared, you yellow, When you sick, you Green,
And when you die, you Gray…
And you call me colored???..



  1. 1
    Shahrzad Says:

    More problems is bcs of Iranians themselves too. I can see how most Iranians just talk about barbarism in Iran. We need to be fair. There is goodness and badness everywhere and i think we (who think fairly) must blog more about Iranian culture, maybe we can change the atmosphere.
    Anyway most people are judgmental and they judge others based on their lebals and tags. Most people’s mind just see others in “Black” or “White” color. They forget that God created too many other colors too and everyone of us carries one of them. 😉

    I wrote an article here on this issue (judging based on lebals) . Maybe it makes sense for you 🙂


  2. 2
    Arya Says:

    Iran is an Islamic Coyntry.

  3. 3
    Arya Says:

    The term Iran (ایران) in modern Persian derives from the Proto-Iranian term Aryānām first attested in Zoroastrianism’s Avesta tradition.[16] Ariya- and Airiia- are also attested as an ethnic designator in Achaemenid inscriptions. The term Ērān from Middle Persian Ērān, Pahlavi ʼyrʼn, is found at the inscription that accompanies the investiture relief of Ardashir I at Naqsh-e Rustam.[17] In this inscription, the king’s appellation in Middle Persian contains the term ērān (Pahlavi: ʼryʼn), while in the Parthian language inscription that accompanies it, Iran is mentioned as aryān. In Ardashir’s time ērān retained this meaning, denoting the people rather than the state.

  4. 4
    sunshineforlife Says:

    interesting information, Zahra.

    It’s a pleasure to know an Iranian in you. I think the first one ever and haven’t seen one in real. The nice thing about the blog world or even the WWW is that — anyone from any corners of the earth can interact with each other no matter what the nationality is.

    U’re right, everyone must love each country but it is just the people who sometimes jeopardize the goodness in it.

    By the way, i tagged uwith this. hope you enjoy doing it:


  5. 6

    zahra,i want to say that i love you,as an universal love,im a 38 year old woman,trying to find my persian prince for almost 4 years called RONI HAMO or ARYA. I understand when you say you were brought up to respect other cultures,traditions and beliefs.and then you think,do they really deserve our respect?Anyway i think people from IRAN are so loving,protective,passionate,respectfull. I hope that GOD protects them in the coming time.zahra i hope you find what you are looking for,believe me when i say that i love you i wish you were here.im from portugal.be strong and happy.whenever you need me,ill be here.

  6. 7


  7. 8
    abdul Says:

    i am sure that i feel same way you do and i just want add that we all the same,but we just do things in different way. i hope you will feel happy one day.

  8. […] The Great Iranian poet If you remember, previously I  had written a post about Iranian celebrities . I was informed that one of Iranian great poets is […]

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