Christians Anger & Forgiveness

Anger is a normal sentiment we feel when something unjust has happened to us, or when someone has let us down or hurt us (whether deliberately or not). We can see many places in the Bible where God becomes angry. This anger usually comes as a reaction to injustice and sin. The problem with anger is not anger itself, but anger that remains unresolved, and that leads to bitterness and unforgiveness.

If we are very hurt and very angry, our anger can overcome us. Bitterness can take on a power all of its own. Bitterness towards the person who has hurt us or let us down leads to hate. This is quite the opposite of love – love being the experience that as Christians we should always aspire to know within us. We need to know God’s love for us. We also need to have a love for other people, and we can give this out of the inspirational love that God provides in our lives.

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If we have any natural fault, it is hiding our own anger from ourselves.  Here is a checklist to help you determine if you are hiding your anger from yourself.  Any of these is usually a sign of hidden unexpressed anger.


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    Anonymous Says:

    Most unresolved anger means that there are current issues. People don’t have issues without other people’s bad actions against them. If a person continues to be angry it is because they are being harassed and its ongoing. Very often the harm is not obvious because much of it is underhanded however the evidence is in a person’s anger. If a person is being hurt by another person, who continues to mete out unjust actions then the first person has reason to be angry and bitter. But you are right they don’t lead down a good road and can even lead to disease. One needs to sever the relationship that is problematic. Without relationship and without ongoing personal information an abuser cannot continue to abuse so the person maltreated will find rest. Love for others generally is on a spiritual level. It is harmful to try and love on a personal level another person who is abusive because that gives them an avenue to do more harm. Read my blogs to see just how bad some people can be in harming others and how remorseless! (
    Christians need a second reformation. In the first instance Christian were able to read the Bible but that is still not enough. The experience of Grace is the goal and we need to attain it before death!

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