God is in Everywhere

A student sits down in philosophy class. The subject of class was about the God. The professor asked: is there anyone that heard the God’s voice?! Nobody replied. The professor asked again: is there anybody that touched the God?! Nobody replied again. The professor asked third: is there anyone that seen the God?! Nobody replied for third!

And then the professor said decisively: we concluded that there isn’t any God in the world!

The student didn’t agree with professor’s reasoning at all. He stands up and said: can I talk? Yeah, the professor said. The student asked his classmates: is here anybody that heard the professor’s brain voice?! Nobody replied. The student asked again: is here anybody that touched the professor’s brain?! Nobody replied again. He asked third: is here anybody that seen the professor’s brain?! Nobody replied third.

And then the student concluded that: the professor haven’t any brain :- )



  1. 1

    Wouldn’t the fact that the professor could stand, form sentences, and utilize higher-ordered thinking prove he had a brain? I know I am needlessly complicating the story, but it is very obvious.

    I love the blog. It is good to hear from people in your country. I am in the U.S. We love all people in Iran, despite what our leaders tell everyone. Bless you wonderful one.

  2. 2
    Anonymous Says:

    One of the problems that a lot of philosophy and science is that they only consider the material world and deny the spiritual world, but no matter their denials, it is real.

  3. 3
    annavictoria Says:

    I posted the message above and forgot my name.

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