An Idle Angel

once a day a man dreamed a wonderful dream.
he saw he was near the angles and looked their works.
he saw a big set of angles woking hard, the angels opened the letters received from the messengers of the earth quickly and put them into the box. the man asked an angel: what you doing?! the angelsaid (while opening a letter): here is the receive unit and we deliverying the peoples prayers and requests from god!
the man went ahead. again he saw a set of angels that put the papers into the packets and send them to the messengers of the ground back!
man asked: what you doing?! one of angels replied guickly: here is send unit. we send the God’s kindness and graces to the slaves into the earth.
the man went ahead and saw an idle angel! he asked her surprisely: you are idle, why?
the angelreplied: the people who granted their prayers, should send their answers but only a few people answered. man asked the angel: how people can send their answers?
the angelreplied:
It’s so simple. it’s only enough that they say: Thanks God….


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