Blood Injection

I found this nice story in a Persian weblog called: A Grey Mind, the name of story is Blood Injection:

«Many years ago I worked in a hospital voluntarily. That time a girl had a strange illness. The only chance for her living was transition of the blood from one of her families to her. She had only a brother, and he had 5 years old. Physician talked to her brother. little boy asked: If I do it, is my sister remain alive? doctor said: Yeah, and little boy accepted it.

We confined him to bed beside her sister’s bed, and then connected the injection pipes to his body. the little boy looked at her sister and smiled. while the blood going out from his body asked doctor: Am I’ll go to the Heaven?!

The little boy thought that they must conduct all of his blood out of his body 🙂 »


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    sunshineforlife Says:

    hi zahra,

    got another tag for u. hope u can do it in ur spare time.

    take care, girl!

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