just two days remain to end of world

I read bellow text in Persian and loved it, and then tyied to translated it: 

She found that she hadn’t any life and there isn’t any more life for her, all of her calendar days was full and just 2 days, 2 days remain empty.

She went near the god afflicted and angrily, perhaps to take more days from god.  she shouted and cursed, god was quiet. she screamed and brawled, god was quiet. she bothered for angles and other human beings, god was quiet. she ingratitude and hurled her prayer carpet, god was quiet. she offended and cried. god broke his silence and told her: My dear, another day passed too, and entirely you did brawl and cuss! you lose today too. just one day remains. come to have better life this one day at minimum.

Among the tears she said: with one day?! what I can do with one day?! god said: everybody who perceived the enjoy of being alive in one day in her life, to suppose that she could live thousands years, and whom don’t perceive today, aren’t useful the thousands years for her. and then god puts the quota of one day’s life in her hands, and said: go to life.

She looked to the shine of life in her hands amazingly. but to be afraid to move, to be afraid to start, she feared that life to shed among her fingers… she stopped a little, and told herself: when I have no tomorrow, what is the advantage of holding this one day?!  let me to consume this fist of life. then she started running… sprinkled the life in her face, drank the life, smelled the life, and became such happy that she could go to the end of world. she could fly. she didn’t construct any skyscraper, she didn’t occupant the ground, and didn’t take a rank. but she touched skin of a tree, slept on grass, watched a ladybug, saw the clouds, and said “hello” to all people, and prayed to all individuals that didn’t like her. she made peace, laugh, and became restful. she enjoyed, donated and loved. she just lived in one day and angles wrote this day in god’s calendar.

Today she has been died. someone that live thousands years… 


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