Not Fine

Recently one of my worries is my predestination in future! I think I had little effort in the past. when I reviewed my past, I just seen many inefficiencies and incapability. In other face I’m not satisfied from my past activities.

I had many desires that non of them has been satiated. Some of them that I can named are: I’d like to have doctorate degree in my field of knowledge (software engineering) but I have bachelors degree right now 😦

Also my job position isn’t fortified. My previous sentence not means that I have not security in job. It only means that I’m not an official staff of government till now because I haven’t Masters degree.

Maybe you said I’m a young girl and I have many times to changed above facts, but due to my personality I can’t accept this situation and its make me annoyed and angry. 

Every new days of new years I made many decisions about improving my life, but in the middle of years I forget my decisions and act foolish! I should rebuke myself to learn more and more.

I’m not fine and I’m not a satisfied person too, because I wasted many times and good positions with regret ad vanity…


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    sunshineforlife Says:

    keep writing zhara. it helps the anger and regret out of you. am sure in the long run, you will feel better. 🙂 take care.

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