A Dormitory Girl’s Story

I’m so bad… Because yesterday I found a weblog and read it. the weblog belongs to one of our dormitory’s girls. In summer season of 1381 I had so many projects and because of this I didn’t go to my homeland. often when I Arrived to faculty’s Computer site or software laboratory I saw a happy woman. her husband was in USA. All of their connections limited to telephone and chat. She was a lucky woman and most of dormitory’s girls jealousy to their life. In end of the year her husband came to IRAN and both of them went to USA.

Yesterday I read her blog and found that she divorced :(. We have a proverb in Persian language: remoteness and intimacy, means that whatever you are far from your dears you have most better connections and relationships. Maybe it is a paradox but its true in many cases…


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    I found it very interesting.

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