Installer Program

Since the first time I wrote a “Hello World” program with Pascal language till now, I wish that if I could write an Installer Program in both important Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows & Linux. Notice that my first applied Operating System was MS DOS in our high school (Farzanegan Rasht).

Unfortunately in my past job I was a software designer and then I haven’t so much dealing with Source Codes. Simply it results that I have not serious Practices about Programming. My main activity was designing new softwares with UML and Rational Rose (writing Vision, Usecase and Architecture Documents, designing class diagrams and so on…) But when I had additional time I programmed some web based systems like office automation, project management and windows based systems like boned warehouse system, personnel & pay system and budget. All of above projects written by C# language with Microsoft .NET 2005 platform and my database was SQL server 2000.

Also my knowledge about registry is low. I know that the first step to learn and develop an Installer is expanding my knowingly about registries. So I have a question:

Is there any softwares help me about these issues? in other words is there any sofwares that automatically make the process of generating an Installer program? for example software A accepts some parameters as input and generates an Installer Program as output?! 


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