Emotional Needs

I agree with Sanam’s Last post (the weblog written in Persian), She asked in her last post: which is better? Migration to new and strange lands and trying to make an advanced life or being in homeland and living with our families and friends?!

I believe that second option is the best choice. Because I think when we share all of our success moments with our family or friends those moments are meaningful no when we share them lonely with ourselves.

Maybe you are a successful person, you win many matches, you have many medals or honors, but you live alone in a strange city or strange country with strange people, can you share your happiness with them? are they understand your creeds, pains or sorrows? what you do when you have many worries or gloominess?

I think no at all. Maybe there is a little understanding, but they can’t fulfill all of your emotional needs.They never can fill the empty space of your parents, your sisters & brothers or you intimate and childhood friends. I’m a live example of such life. I live single in another city that have around 400 kilometers distance from my parents home. I had to choose this city for residence. because I couldn’t have a job like this in my native. Am I happy?! I think NO. Sometimes I wish haw many better if I could have this job with all of its conditions in my native city.

I think many of human’s choices made under the effect of so many constraints and compulsion. In fact there is a trade off between improving your emotional needs and your social needs. this bitter fact is true about many peoples and just a few peoples have a good chance to comply or consistency between these two needs.


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