I try to write this weblog in English language.At first I claim that my English is not well at all. the only purpose of making this weblog is: Improving my English language and learning more words.
I just try to write my diary memories or my ideas about political or social issues and my Favorite field: Information Security 
I think (or guess) nobody knows about this English version of http://zahra-hb.com but if everybody reads here, I except that kindly tell me about my mistakes in the grammer, applied words or other problems in my texts (please).
I don’t promise to update this weblog regularly, of course I try to force myself to expanding my Brain english knowledge base!!!
So probably one of yours questions is: Why I decide to write in English?!
The answer is simple, today when I have been searched the word “Zahra” in Google I found a blog title: Zahra’s blog. the blog found, was my motive, because the weblog belong to an Iraqis woman that her name is Zahra. she wrote in first paragraph of her weblog:
«I am a social worker from Baghdad, Iraq. I left Iraq in 2001 and have lived in Jordan as a refugee with my two daughters since then. »
also I don’t know the meaning of social worker, but I read whole of her blog and must admitting that I made a nice connection with her blog and decided to write my own.



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    I think you communicate very well in English. As an American, I have no problems understanding what you are trying to convey.

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